Where there’s a Jill, there’s a… Seam Ripper

I am a complete newbie to quilting, though I love learning and enjoy experimenting. I’m always on the lookout for cool little projects – quilted or otherwise – hopefully adding to my skill set along the way.

Where it all began…
I met a Texan in a Dublin bar during the summer of 2013. Although I’d been on the dating scene for a while and was starting to tire of it, it took matching with two of my first cousins on Tinder for me to take decisive action. I downloaded a ‘cosmic ordering’ app, placed an order describing who I wanted to meet and, lo and behold, later that night I met my now husband (true story).

I spent a fair amount of time across the pond all the while we did the long-distance thang (three years), where his amazing Nana took me under her wing and reignited my long-forgotten love of sewing. Though I’d never quilted before, it is a craft that appeals on so many levels: it requires creativity, precision and patience; and it is a skill that has been handed down through the generations, producing many a warm, cosy and much-loved family heirloom.

Dust off your sewing machine, grab your seam ripper and come quilt with me!

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