MAKE Trinket Tray

#minimake #handmadechristmas

I’m not normally one for the frivolous; as a Taurean, practicality is enshrined in my DNA. Well, the moon must have been in Uranus or something this week as these cute-as-pie trinket trays popped up on my Instagram feed and I just HAD to make some. As they only use small, 5 inch square pieces of fabric (charm squares), it is a fantastic way to use up fabric scraps.

Inspired by the Japanese phenomenon of ‘Zakka’ – basically any little thing that improves your home, life or appearance – I figured that somebody would be happy to receive a lil set of these for Chrimbo.

The instructions for this one came courtesy of @aspoonfulsugar and you can access them here.

Difficulty rating: * (out of 5)

I made a set of three trays in little more than an hour and I LOVE THEM.

Trinket Trays
Cute AF Japanese-style trinket trays ❤

Fiddly bits? I found the little thread ties hard work on the fingers as I had to really push the needle to get through those bulky layers. Although I probably wasn’t using a big enough needle :/

Worth making? I am OBSESSED with these things now. Have I told you how much I love them? They are so stinking cute. And I have been surprised at just how useful they actually are. I really ought to give them away but I cannot bear to part with them ❤

Note to self: store high up as anything small enough to be stored in one is liable to be a choking hazard for the increasingly-intrepid little one.

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