5 Perfect Portrait Quilts

#quiltspo #quiltcrush

Face quilts are a thing, people!!!

Every quilt is a work of art but these beauties take awesome to a whole new level. These perfect portrait quilts are giving me a dose of extreme quilt envy:

1. Kim Smith Soper’s ‘Lincoln’ quilt was inspired by an Indonesian style of pop-art called WPAP. Read the story behind this incredible quilt here.

Lincoln Quilt
Kim Smith Soper’s SUBLIME pop art Lincoln quilt ❤


2. This stunner from @msmidge is the kind of quilt I dreamt of making for my aunt’s Christmas gift. Instead, she’ll have to settle for a purple bowl cosy.

Purple Reign
The ‘Purple Reign’ Prince quilt is perfection.


3.  I can’t help falling in love with this Elvis quilt. This perfect patchwork pixel tribute to The King is by Donna, aka @sewmoving.

Elvis Quilt
Burning love for this Elvis quilt


4. I would hang this ‘Starman’ Bowie mini quilt by @rebsrecca in my home in a heartbeat. Love, love, LOVE!

'Starman' Quilt
Love. WANT! Starman by Rebecca Roach.


5. Having personally had the pleasure of visiting (incredible) Dollywood, I can attest this gem would not look out of place among the great woman’s collection of memorabilia and personal effects. Brought to you by Jennifer Haston.

Dolly Parton Quilt
Dolly would no doubt approve of ‘Jolene’


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