MAKE Reversible Bowl Cosy

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Apparently, there is a very simple way to heat a bowl full of soup in the microwave and remove it without scalding your fingers. Some clever so-and-so has come up with the (frankly, genius) idea of a microwaveable bowl cosy. And its use isn’t just confined to soup either; you can heat absolutely anything! Stew, leftovers, porridge… Mind blown.

My aunt is a mahoosive Prince fan and I did toy with the idea of making her a quilt featuring his face. But then I decided I’d save myself a whole lot of time by making her a bowl cosy instead. I’ll fill it with yummy porridge toppings and present it as a porridge bowl cosy. Of course it will be purple 😉

Lindsay from Happy Hour Stitches’ (@lindsmayland) tutorial is clear and easy to follow and I made this in under an hour.

Microwaveable Bowl Cosy
I’ll be filling the cosy with all sorts of tasty porridge toppings.

Difficulty rating: * (out of 5)

Important: To avoid your gift becoming a fire hazard, be sure to use 100% cotton fabric, thread and batting and warn the recipient to microwave for no more than two minutes at a time.

I picked two complimentary yet contrasting fabrics, since the cosy can be flipped and used on either side. Essentially two gifts in one!

Fiddly bits? None really, but to ensure your seams are secure and will withstand a washing machine cycle, stick with a seam allowance of at least 1/4 inch.

Worth making? A bowl cosy is one of those things you’ve probably never heard of prior but once you have one, you cannot live without it. Fill with soup mix, porridge toppings or whatever else you fancy for a ridiculously simple, home-made gift.

Reversible Bowl Cosy
Et voila! Two cosies for the price of one 😉

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