MAKE Camera Strap Cover

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A good friend of mine is a travel writer. Tough gig, eh? Seeing as my next relaxing (child-free) break probably won’t be until the year 2034, I love the idea of a tiny piece of me travelling along on her far-flung adventures. Cue one of the easiest, most satisfying makes of my hand-made Christmas challenge: this pretty, removable camera strap cover.

I mean, how ugly are the straps that come with those fancy cameras? After forking out €xxx of your hard-earned to buy the thing WHY would you effectively want to advertise the camera manufacturer for free forever more?

This tutorial appeared as a guest post on @everythingetsy.

Difficulty rating: * (out of 5)

Fusible fleece interfacing, wha? Nope, me neither. But it does add a bit of weight and stiffness to the finished item which lends it a more professional feel. A quick google of where I can source this stuff in Ireland and the Limerick Quilt Centre comes up trumps again, hooray!

Fabric is from the Menagerie line, a collaboration between Cotton & Steel Fabrics and the ah-mazing Rifle Paper Co. This is ‘Tapestry Navy’ but it is all stunningly gorgeous ❤

Camera Strap Cover
How pretty is this?! And it was such a satisfyingly quick make.

I did tinker with the measurements slightly, since my camera strap was narrower and shorter than the one in the tutorial. I covered a Nikon strap which was 20″ long and 1.25″ wide, so the measurements for my cut pieces were 21″ x 4.5″ (as opposed to the 23 inches by 5.5 inches given in the tutorial). It fit like a glove!

Fiddly bits? The seam at either end of the strap was a little bulky to sew across, so I took it slow. I did still go slightly wonky, but (I hope) not too noticeably so.

Make Life Easier

1. Just before the final sewing stage {tutorial image 9}, I slipped the camera strap I was covering in between the two layers; I figured I’d made the cover wide enough so the risk of sewing the strap to the cover was fairly minimal. This was way easier than trying to put the cover on by pulling the strap through in its entirety 😉

Worth making? I love this so much I’ve made myself an identical one. Maybe now I’ll *finally* make the effort to learn how to use my own camera.

Easy camera strap cover
What a pro! Just gotta learn how to use that camera now…

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