Handmade Christmas

I am hand-making all my Christmas gifts this year. Amazon has had enough of my hard-earned Yoyos plus I HATE the Christmas crowds. Almost as much as I love Elvis ❤

Christmas Countdown
Can I hand-make ALL my Christmas gifts in just 84 days?!

‘Has she lost the plot?’, you ask. Quite possibly. But now that I’ve publicly announced it, there’s no going back… Join me?


    • Me neither, Fiona. What with a day job and a 7-month-old crawling around the place, chewing on wires and that kind of craic! I’m deliberately picking projects and patterns that are quick to make 😉 I’m hoping to make each gift across one or two evenings.


  1. The easiest way to start giving handmade for me was doing a few Christmas bazaars. Not only do your family and friends come to support you, you gain ideas on what they like about what you make. Plus, anything that hasn’t sold automatically gets gifted.
    Bazaars also ‘force’ you to make things in sept/oct thus getting you out if the too busy Christmas season.
    Nearly 100% of my gifts are now handcrafted.


    • That’s such a great idea, Kathy! Alas, I only really have an hour or two tops each evening once baby is in bed (and depending on how exhausted I am) so there’s no way I could make enough to sell… At least not this year 😉


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