Quilting A-Z (Part II)

Mat (cutting) – essential quilting tool for measuring, holding fabric steady and protecting cutting surfaces.

Nesting seams –make the elements and blocks easier to sew together (minimising bulk which can sometimes get caught up in your machine) by pressing seams in alternate directions.

Notions – having notions is a positive in quilting. It’s basically the term used to describe all the little accessories necessary to ensure you’re living your best quilting life – seam ripper, rulers, templates, thread, batting, rotary cutters, yada yada.

Piecing – the process of sewing elements of your quilt top together, by machine or hand.

Pre-cut – instead of purchasing fabric by yard, pre-cuts (fat quarters, eighths, charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes, etc) are the perfect way to grow your stash without bankrupting yourself in the process.

Pressing – pressing your fabric (NOT ironing, which can distort and stretch fabric out of shape) and your seams makes sewing your quilt top easier (less bulk) and a smoother, more professional finish.

Pressing seam using the nose of the iron

Quilting Apps – resources designed to make the process of making a quilt easier, from calculating the amount of fabric required for a particular project to virtually designing blocks and playing around with the layout of your quilt.

Rotary cutter – cut swiftly, smoothly and precisely with this essential quilting tool [link].

Seam Allowance – ¼ inch is pretty much the standard measurement to ensure your quilt top is securely pieced and will survive the washing machine.

Stash – your fabric hoard.

Thread – well, duh. Although thread weight it something you’ll eventually want to take into consideration, depending on how much you want it to show on your finished quilt.

Walking Foot – a special attachment for your machine with teeth on the bottom designed to evenly feed the layers of a quilt through. This tutorial on Craftsy explains simply how to install and use a walking foot..

Yardage – buying fabric for quilting by the yard.

Anything missing? Feel free to add your suggestions!

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