MAKE Easy Cushion Cover

#minimake Quilted Cushion Cover

(Via @itsmomtastic)

Cushion covers are quick to make, great for using up scraps of fabric and the ideal way to hone quilting skills if, like me, you’re a relative newcomer. No need to worry about binding on these babies either 😉

Liz Stanley’s envelope pillow tutorial for @itsmomtastic is easy-peasy to follow:

Difficulty rating: * (out of 5)

For the longer piece of fabric, ie the cushion front (the 15×15 piece) I essentially made a quilt block top, which I basted and quilted using some basic straight lines to a piece of batting of the same size. You want it to be 15×15 when it’s finished, so you make that panel a little larger, then square off trim it down before continuing to sew your two back panels in place.

I played around with a geometric square-in-square block pattern using half-square triangles (HST) that I’d spied on the @lovequiltingmag Instagram feed.

I made 16 x HST measuring 4” square each and I ended up with a quilt top (cushion front) a little over 15” square once completed.

Completed block, ie cushion front before quilting
After quilting, before I tidied the edges and trimmed to size

Fiddly bits: None, really.

Tips for success

  1. Be sure to straighten up the triangles and trim to ensure they are a uniform size before sewing together.
  2. If you want to play around with the pattern/layout using less colours (I used 5 colours but if you were to use just two or four) this tutorial gives step-by-step instructions on how to make 8 perfect HSTs from two pieces of fabric.
  3. Watch that seam allowance! Any less than ¼ inch and you risk seam coming loose and fraying.
  4. It’s worth reinforcing the seam at the point where the cushion back panels are sewn to the front. The more times you take the cover off (for washing, say), the quicker it will start to come apart.
  5. Snip the corners (taking care not to cut too close to the seam) before you turn the cushion cover the right way round to ensure nice, crisp points.
Finished cushion, woo!

Worth Making? There is nothing like (successfully) completing a project to spur you onto the next! I have already made a few of these, but it’s definitely time to tackle my fear of sewing a zip(per) with the next.

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