MAKE Luxury Sleep Mask

#minimake Lavender-scented Sleep Mask (Dreaming of Martinis)

Everybody needs a sleep mask. I have a couple of cheapies from Tiger which do an adequate job of taming my roving eyeballs and quietening my over-active mind. But I deserve a luxury version. One that fits snugly, doesn’t let in any light and is subtly fragranced with soothing lavender. With bubs teething and still feeding at night, this project had to be fast-tracked. I’ll be transported to a state of sivasana-like bliss in no time!

This took two hours to make, from start to finish, but having now *ahem* mastered the technique, I reckon I could knock up another in under an hour.

Props to @atsoseweasy for the template and instructions. Download here.

Fiddly bits: I just could not get my head around placement of the elastic: unfamiliar acronyms + late night sewing with fading natural light = f*ck ups. For my second attempt, I used a ruler to measure and mark the exact place I wanted to put the elastic. Now why didn’t I do that the first time?

Pimp your sleep mask: I quilted (of course) the top layer of my mask before pinning to the underside. I did this by pinning a layer of batting underneath and marking with the lines I wanted to sew with a water erasable marker (a simple crisscross with lines at 1.5” intervals). I picked a complimentary shade of thread (olive, of course) and sewed along those. Before the final topstitching step, I added a handful of jasmine rice and along with some dried lavender flowers.

Make sure your print is right side up
I sewed along lines drawn with a ruler
Right sides facing, pinned and ready to sew
Ta-da! Quilted mask top made in a jiffy
Back of the mask with elastic firmly in place (second attempt)
Finished sleep mask!

How fabulous is this ‘Martini’ print from Windham fabrics? Given that I’m still breastfeeding and off the hard stuff for the time being, it seemed just perfect for this lil’ project.

Tips for Success:

  1. I cheaped out on my backing fabric so this frayed the first time. For my second attempt, I made the layer of backing fabric slightly larger and increased the seam allowance a tad, just to make sure it was extra secure.
  2. Down to luck more than anything else, my martini glass print ended up the right way round. Do check this before cutting your fabric if you’re using a pattern that only works one way. It seems so obvious but that makes it all the easier to forget. I speak from experience.

Worth Making? These are easy to make and fun to customise (check out these from @abeautifulmess – adorbs!) so YES. They’d make a great gift for a yogi, a stressed out mama, a get-well gift, a friend going travelling… Basically, everyone. Go make!

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